Montecristo Cigars - Enjoy the Finest Cigar Available in the Market

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Montecristo cigar is the most popular brand of Cuban cigars available for several good reasons. Beautifully hand crafted Montecristo cigar boasts of intriguing and opulent flavors of roasted nuts and the hint of spice. This highly popular Cuban brand cigar accounts for almost 50% of all Cuban cigars exported each year. The Montecristo brand has achieved a standard in the cigar field that all other brands of cigars are compared to.

The great thing about this medium or full-flavored cigar is that they do not need to be old as keeping them for some time in the humidor will make them of exceptional quality. Top quality and consistency is maintained in the making of the every variety of Montecristo cigars, making them the most popular selling brand of the cigar in the worldwide market. The name is often considered as the synonymous with the quality and consistency due to which this is the most trusted and preferred brand of the cigars aficionados.

The great tradition of Montecristo brand of cigars was originated in Cuba and till today it is continued to lure the cigars enthusiasts with great flavor and aroma. The Montecristo brand of cigar is still made by hand by the skilled and experienced craftsmen in the Dominican Republic who give their best to maintain its reputation of the finest cigars among all the renowned cigar brands available in the market.

Montecristo, a medium bodied cigar, is known for satisfying taste, rich aroma, smooth smoke and distinct construction. All the variety of Montecristo Cuban cigars is manufactured with hand following the same stringent quality guidelines that impart strong and rich flavor that is savor by every true cigar aficionado. The popularity of this brand of cigar has made their collection in addition to their existing variety of Montecristo cigar brand.

The popular Montecristo brand of cigars is worldwide distributed throughout the world and was sold originally by Dunhill New York. Originally branded in 1935 under the name the H. Upmann Montecristo Selection, the Montecristo when distributed by the British agent, the John Hunter, the name was shortened to Montecristo.

Even the brand logo was redesigned by the John Hunter form that changed the logo to its distinctive red and yellow box with the triangular crossed swords. The full flavored Montecristo cigars have become the preferred brand of cigars enthusiasts due to their unique blend of tobacco and highly distinctive flavor. The range of Montecristo brand has well expanded catering to the taste of every cigar enthusiast who are offered from the Montecristo A to the tiny Joyitas.

Montecristo is probably the world's most appreciated brand of Habanos throughout the world whose perfectly balanced blend is exclusively created with the selected leaves of the  Vuelta Abajo region, which is home of the finest tobaccos in the world. Both new and experienced smokers are attracted towards its distinguished aroma. To experience the magic of this completely hand made long filler, cigars aficionado can buy this preferred Cuban brand from online stores that offer attractive discount. To buy discount Cuban cigar, people trust online stores as beside price they are also assure of quality while buying through these online stores.

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Montecristo Cigars - Enjoy the Finest Cigar Available in the Market

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Montecristo Cigars - Enjoy the Finest Cigar Available in the Market

This article was published on 2011/06/15